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Patient-Centered Cancer Research and Care

Leading up to the American Society for Clinical Oncology’s annual meeting this week, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) [client] posed the following question as part of its “Conversations” series – “How do we promote patient-centered cancer research and care in an era of increasing pressure to control healthcare costs?”

PhRMA ConversationsPhRMA’s “Conversations” platform fosters open and ongoing dialogue on health care policy solutions. The forum blends posts from formal contributors with comments from experts and thought leaders on a broad range of high-level policy topics to help gauge what’s working, what isn’t working, where the health care industry is headed and how to meet the needs of patients. Stakeholders from across the health care community, including innovators, patients and elected officials are invited to share their viewpoints in these “Conversations.”

Feinstein Kean Healthcare Chairman, Strategic Initiatives, Marcia Kean, along with Randy Burkholder, vice president of policy at PhRMA, Margaret Foti, CEO of the American Association for Cancer Research, and Gwen Darien, cancer survivor and executive vice president of programs and services at Cancer Support Community, contributed to this week’s conversation on cancer research, commenting on topics such as the role of big data and personalized medicine, as well as new tools that track the immediate, ongoing and changing social and emotional experience of cancer survivors.

View the discussion here.