Top Tips for Working with Mommy Bloggers

Mommy bloggers can be passionate and influential advocates of a brand – shaping reputations, building online visibility and influencing key healthcare decisions for their families. According to the Department of Labor, “Women make approximately 80 percent of health care decisions for their families and are more likely to be the care givers when a family member falls ill.”

Courtesy of Emily Cavanagh

Based on our experiences managing blogger relations programs  on behalf of major healthcare brands, we’ve collected some of our pearls of wisdom specific to working with these moms.

  • If your product is close to her children, it is close to her heart. Moms and dads have intense emotional reactions to any subject related to children, and fathers often feel marginalized or even mocked by marketers. Tread lightly. Proctor & Gamble was spot on with their Olympics commercial.

  • She is not a number. Be organized about your communications with mommy bloggers to communicate consistently and personally, and build relationships. Develop guidelines on how to communicate with them and how to respond to requests for products, if applicable.
  • Support the up-and-comers. New mom blogs have small audiences—they have not been around long enough to build a following and will move out of the “new mommy” phase before their audience grows. Identify one easy way to help out any blogger regardless of their online reach, such as an inexpensive product sample for review or an invitation to a blogger summit.
  • Ask for her advice. If you want to improve your reputation or visibility among parents, mom bloggers can offer you great insights. Host an advisory panel and talk to them about what they know about about your brand and how they use your products and services.  Many will jump at the chance for their voice to be heard and share insights that could help other mothers like them.
  • Transparency matters. Not only is is the law based on recent FTC guidelines, but educating mom bloggers on proper ways to disclose their relationship with your brand is essential to building a mutual value exchange.
  • Allow her to share the wealth. Mom bloggers often maintain strong relationships with each other. If you allow them to share info or invites with their blogger friends, you could end up generating more positive placements than you planned for!

What has your experience with mommy bloggers taught you?