Here’s to the Next 25

Feinstein Kean Healthcare has spent the past 25 years laboring productively in the vineyards of disruptive innovation. The firm was born in the cradle of biotech and worked with many of the industry’s pioneers. We were there in the early days of stem cell research, oncogenes and immunotherapies, nanotech, many of the “omics” and, more recently, big data, cognitive gaming and the digitization of medicine. We’ve helped to open up entirely new categories of treatment in many disease areas, and changed the mindset in others.

Craig Martin Feinstein Kean

We were the first in the communications industry to anticipate the impact of personalized medicine—and (thanks to Marcia Kean and others) are now credited by many of its pioneers for helping to advance recognition of the field and lay the groundwork for supportive policies, practices, and partnerships.

So, what do we do for an encore? We have many irons in the fire, of course, and continue to work with leading innovators in health, research, advocacy, technology, policy, and government.  But we remain focused in our quest for the “next big things.” This blog——is an ongoing conversation about what’s ahead. What trends will shape the next 25 years? Where is disruption yielding better solutions? Who are the next generation of disruptors? And what’s our role as fellow innovators?

We look forward to not only providing insight into the inner workings of the innovations we touch, but also encouraging the broader healthcare community to share their own thoughts on where the next 25 years will take us.

Craig Martin is CEO of Feinstein Kean Healthcare.